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Random Posted on Sun, February 23, 2020 23:48:54

Some time ago my blog was forcefully turned into a WordPress site. I have no idea if WordPress is good or not but when my blog was just turned into a WordPress site it made it pretty terrible. Everything is just more complicated and there are some things that I don’t even know if I can access anymore.

Anyway, I recently dug myself a gopher hole where I won’t have any of these problems because I do anything in the terminal and I run anything so no-one will turn my hole into anything except I.

If you wish to visit my gopher hole you can do so at gopher:// If your browser can’t access gopher I recommend Lynx but there are other ways if you prefer to use Firefox or something else.

I think that this whole WordPress thing is really annoying and I wish that they could just return my page to the previous style since there was nothing wrong with it.

“He is not dead, he is just asleep”

Japan Posted on Sun, December 02, 2018 22:56:13

Those words were one of the many rumours whispered about me during years of absence. I have now returned from the lonesome but sacred life of the mountain hermit to confirm the validity of this rumour to you, my dear friends and readers. I am not dead. In fact, I am more alive than ever. I will now, tell you about what I experienced during my years of seclusion.

After I returned from the blessed land of Lynnwood I immediately turned my focus east and like a modern day Marco Polo, I, with a company of fourteen donkeys and six horses left what was known, in search of what had been promised.

After many months of wandering, we finally set foot upon the golden shores of the promised land and entered into a mutual agreement with the lord of the Arc. An agreement which details I am not at liberty to discuss. Either way, I soon discovered that I had no idea of what I was supposed to do. I was like a blind knight, fighting a dragon he could not see, knowing he could do nothing but keep swinging his sword and having faith in that he would eventually pierce the beast in its heart before himself being swallowed in its flames. And indeed, what to everyone was obviously impossible was done and the dragon cried its last demonic cries before falling into the abyss, never to return.

If you have not figured it out by now, what I am trying to tell you, is that I entered university and found a girlfriend. I apologize in advance for insulting you by telling the obvious but bear in mind that future historians might not experience the same kind of natural understanding of these manners of speaking and writing that we are so used with in our era.

Either way, I have been to Taiwan once and I am soon to return for a second time. I have finished a marathon once officially and unofficially many more. I have also mastered the art of riding the iron beast that lives of the dead from since long forgotten times.

This might be a bit early for me to say good bye since I have been gone for so long but it is time for me to go, hopefully to return sooner the next time.


Travelling Posted on Sun, May 01, 2016 06:17:41

“Oh, thy mighty ocean”, I cried while gazing over the endless sea. “Give way, since I will cross thee come what may, and you can’t but surrender, since victory is my destiny, and glory is my name.” The ocean roared an agonizing cry of defeat and then I crossed her. This is the story of my one week trip to Lynnwood.

I first sat foot on American soil a sunny day a little more than one month ago. I was met by my dear friends and we went o the university where we were met by ecstatic crowds saluting our arrival. I so wished that we could have spent more time with those people but time was not our ally that day and we had to reach Lynnwood before nightfall. When we finally arrived in Lynnwoodian territory we were met by a middle aged man. He wore very fine clothing and had an extraordinary posture indeed. He showed me to my room at the hotel where we discussed what was to come and he gave me the necessary information I needed to prepare myself. At this moment it was getting pretty late so we called it a day and I ordered my driver to give the man a ride home.

The next day I rose before the sun, looked at the day’s plans and made some necessary changes. If it is one thing that I have learned in life is that you never execute your plans in their original form since a large part of a man’s credibility lays in his unpredictability. After running through the plans a last time I met with my companions and we went to one of Lynnwood’s suburbs named Seattle. We went to the Chinese part of town which I think was rather amusing for all of us. In a time of grave importance there is not much time for leisure and thus we went to a hotel to take part in an urgent discussion with the British delegation. The outcome of the meeting were far from satisfactory which led to our early departure. This time we went by boat to Kingston but there were not much left for us to see and thus we returned to Lynnwood.

This account of what happened in Lynnwood is nothing but the truth, but only a part of it. There is not enough time to retell the complete story of my adventures and thus there are events which I will regretfully have to omit.

Singapore and Malaysia

Travelling Posted on Thu, March 10, 2016 18:49:23

I went mit mein Vater und mein Schwester to Singapore and Malaysia for ten days. We spent the first few days in Chinatown, also known as Cow Car Water. i bought myself a hat and we went to Malaysia where we spent some days at Tioman Island. This was a nice place where we were able to try scubadiving as well as playing with and feeding a lot of stray cats that lived on this Island, as well as some monkeys who had an apetite for Pringles. We spent the last night close to the border and the next day we went to USS.

Return To The Holy Land

Japan Posted on Mon, January 11, 2016 21:56:31

This winter as so many winters before it I returned to the eastern islands where I was born and raised. At least that is what my Facebook page says and thou shall not doubt information found on the web. We need not further explore this argument and we thus move on to the main topic of this post.

It all began early in the morning of December the twentieth in the twenty-seventh year in the reign of His Majesty The Emperor Heisei. If you allow I would wish to skip that day since nothing of importance happened and move on to the following day when I arrived a sunny morning in Japan, a land full of bliss and happiness with no place for the misfortunes that ordinary men and women suffer in their daily lives.

With the wind gently stroking my hair I went to the educational institution of which I once was a proud member, but as all the wise men of history have taught nothing lasts forever and everything will meet its end. However, I met many honourable people that I am glad to be able to call my acquaintances and we exchanged words of greeting before indulging in deep conversation on topics fundamental to the very inner nature of the human experience. I was honoured to receive an invitation to see one of the highest expressions of culture, namely dance. After humbly praising the dancers’ many virtues they threw candy at me.

I had the opportunity to go to the former capital and experience some of the most beautiful and noblest traditions ever created by mankind. It was with great sorrow that I left the mountain city of ancients and immortals, a place where saints reside and no evil survives.

I visited many places worthy of praise and before I knew it the New Year’s celebrations had started and I visited the temple to welcome the year that was to come. Even after that I attended many events at several places but I am afraid that I will have to leave you here, and thus when my words are no longer able to reach you the reader I leave you with some of most extraordinary pictures of this time enabling you to get a deeper understanding of what occurred during these two weeks in an eastern land with so much to offer.


Travelling Posted on Sun, October 25, 2015 06:47:09

This is a very late post about my summer but I will try to recount it as well as my memory admits.

Everything started when I worked at Siemens for the first three weeks of summer vacation. I was home alone during all this time and there is not much to tell about this so let’s move on to more promising parts of this story.

After the weeks of hard work my family returned from a trip in through Europe and I and my sister almost immediately embarked on a journey to the yet undiscovered parts of this blessed continent. We travelled by train to Denmark where close to nothing happened so we continued our journey all the way down to Germany where we as expected met unprecedented amounts of Japanese people in what the Germans call Japanese Centre or something of that fashion. The next day we continued through Belgium until we reached the borders of France and did not stop there but went all the way to Lille.

We spent the following two nights in Lille and became very close with the local population and it was with great sorrow we said good bye and left for the once so mighty empire beyond the canal. After some hardships we reached the great capital of the big clock and found some lodging for the night. The next morning we made sure to rise before the sun and headed west until the mighty ocean hindered us from going any further. We were able to board a ship and went to the land of the dwarfs.

Having reached this mysterious land we spent the next three nights in what we think was a cave but the dim light of the torches did not allow our eyes the quality of sight that would be necessary to be sure of this fact. After a few unlucky events we were able return to the main island of the empire and headed for the port city of Liverpool. In this lovely city we were able to experience some of the great history of art. After some time enjoying the life in this wonderful port city we went to London once more. Some really interesting people travelled with us on this long journey of life for some short period and it was with great spirits we headed back to the continent where we once more crossed French borders but had no time to enjoy our return until it was time to leave and we entered into Dutch territory.

No special events worth recounting took place in this small land but it was a place where we were able to prepare for our return which took us back to Germany and then through Denmark.

The adventures of this summer was still far from over. In late July I and Simon accompanied each other to the great eastern nation of Japan where we spent three whole weeks. We where able to meet both old and new friends and saw a lot of the areas around the eastern capital. We also stayed in different places every night and thus went anywhere where we could find a filling meal and a warm bed. After a lot of joy as well as some hardships and even an encounter with his majesty the emperor we concluded this summer with a long and surprisingly cold journey back to the northern kingdom.

Trip To Europe

Travelling Posted on Tue, June 02, 2015 17:21:12

This was a while ago but I want to write about it anyway. In April I went on a trip with my class to Bremen in Germany where we spent a few days before we left for Hamburg where we spent the next few days. The trip ended in Paris where we spent the last two nights of the weeklong trip.

We travelled mostly by train. I will not write so much more but post some pictures and a video instead.

Japan During The Christmas Break

Japan Posted on Thu, February 12, 2015 01:15:44

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As some of you know.
I spent almost the entire Christmas break in Japan. Early one morning
I sat down in a car and went to the airport. I first flew to Turkey
and from there to Narita where I spent my first four nights.

met a lot of friends and went to Narita-san almost every day (ten
times which make it thirty in total). I also went to Tokyo several
times where I also visited temples, but also maid cafes and Tokyo Sky
Tree. I even visited Shimbashi which is by far my favourite bashi.
Only Funabashi can offer the shadow of some competition.

I lived in Narita,
Sakura and Yotsukaido. Here are some pictures by the way.

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