I’ve been using Gnome Classic for the most of the time but a few weeks ago I got tired of it and wanted something new. I tried Xfce but it didn’t take long until I switched again, this time to Unity. The reason I switched from Xfce was that I messed it up so bad that I didn’t bother to get it right again.

When I switched to Unity I really liked that it was simple and had all the necessary features, but I really hated the layout. An other minus is that people may think that I’m using Ubuntu.

I want to try Gnome Shell but for some reason I’m not able to so yesterday I decided to try KDE. KDE is the opposite of simple and it’s really a pain to get all the features you want. It has a lot of awesome features though, and the DE as a whole is really awesome so I think I’ll stick with this until I get tired of it.