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Tokyo Dome City

Japan Posted on Fri, January 03, 2014 18:59:55

I went to Tokyo Dome City yesterday. It’s a small amusement park in Tokyo right next to Tokyo Dome. We rode roller coasters and other attractions. Later we went to a roller skate arena.


Random Posted on Fri, January 03, 2014 16:17:02

I’ve found an interesting feature in my Walkman. It’s feature that decides music for you which is appropriate for the situation.

I don’t know is this is all the categories but it’s all the categories that fitted with my music.
Sofa Lounge

I just have to decide on of the categories above and he Walkman plays music. I have so much music so it took a long time for the Walkman to scan through everything and put it in categories.

I’ll update about the trip to Tokyo Dome City later when I have all the pictures and videos (it doesn’t mean that I will post all pictures and videos).