When I entered the bus that morning a few days ago I had no idea of what kind of adventure that day would turn out to be. As I was ready to exit the bus I saw a guy from my school sleeping and I decided to wake him up and during the next few seconds I fulfilled that decision. He was very grateful to me for the help.

Later in the classroom I realized that I had forgot my gloves on the bus. I became very worried and thought about what to do. I did some research and decided to call the bus company. The man on the phone told me that the driver had found the gloves and gave me the location of the place he had hidden them at. I asked one of my classmates if I could borrow his bike and he said that I could definitely borrow his bike and we went out to get it. When we stood by some bikes he realized that he had not travelled to school by bike that day but in a car.

Just that moment the guy who slept on the bus passed by on a bike and I found it a good thing to do to call his name. He stopped and I asked him where he was going. He told me he was going to the very hiding place I too were intending to pay a visit because he had forgot his bag at the bus. I asked him if he could give me a ride on the bike which was fine for him.

When we finally arrived at the scene we met a woman who at first did not know anything about our belongings but after a few calls could verify that they were still in the bus. We went to the location of the bus and entered it. We found our belonging after searching the bus, thanked the woman and went back to the school.

The rest of the school day went on as usual and after school I ate some food with my family. I remember sitting at the restaurant satisfied with having fulfilled the days adventures but if I only new that the adventures had only began for the day and would get even greater and weirder than any mind could possibly imagine. Except maybe a mind with just a little bit of fantasy since I guess it was not a very unusual turn of events I experienced that evening.

I do not find it to bring any value to the story so I will leave you for now and end the story of my day which is only a small and in comparison unimportant part of the great story of my life in which you can read about adventures far more exciting than this one.