This is a very late post about my summer but I will try to recount it as well as my memory admits.

Everything started when I worked at Siemens for the first three weeks of summer vacation. I was home alone during all this time and there is not much to tell about this so let’s move on to more promising parts of this story.

After the weeks of hard work my family returned from a trip in through Europe and I and my sister almost immediately embarked on a journey to the yet undiscovered parts of this blessed continent. We travelled by train to Denmark where close to nothing happened so we continued our journey all the way down to Germany where we as expected met unprecedented amounts of Japanese people in what the Germans call Japanese Centre or something of that fashion. The next day we continued through Belgium until we reached the borders of France and did not stop there but went all the way to Lille.

We spent the following two nights in Lille and became very close with the local population and it was with great sorrow we said good bye and left for the once so mighty empire beyond the canal. After some hardships we reached the great capital of the big clock and found some lodging for the night. The next morning we made sure to rise before the sun and headed west until the mighty ocean hindered us from going any further. We were able to board a ship and went to the land of the dwarfs.

Having reached this mysterious land we spent the next three nights in what we think was a cave but the dim light of the torches did not allow our eyes the quality of sight that would be necessary to be sure of this fact. After a few unlucky events we were able return to the main island of the empire and headed for the port city of Liverpool. In this lovely city we were able to experience some of the great history of art. After some time enjoying the life in this wonderful port city we went to London once more. Some really interesting people travelled with us on this long journey of life for some short period and it was with great spirits we headed back to the continent where we once more crossed French borders but had no time to enjoy our return until it was time to leave and we entered into Dutch territory.

No special events worth recounting took place in this small land but it was a place where we were able to prepare for our return which took us back to Germany and then through Denmark.

The adventures of this summer was still far from over. In late July I and Simon accompanied each other to the great eastern nation of Japan where we spent three whole weeks. We where able to meet both old and new friends and saw a lot of the areas around the eastern capital. We also stayed in different places every night and thus went anywhere where we could find a filling meal and a warm bed. After a lot of joy as well as some hardships and even an encounter with his majesty the emperor we concluded this summer with a long and surprisingly cold journey back to the northern kingdom.