This winter as so many winters before it I returned to the eastern islands where I was born and raised. At least that is what my Facebook page says and thou shall not doubt information found on the web. We need not further explore this argument and we thus move on to the main topic of this post.

It all began early in the morning of December the twentieth in the twenty-seventh year in the reign of His Majesty The Emperor Heisei. If you allow I would wish to skip that day since nothing of importance happened and move on to the following day when I arrived a sunny morning in Japan, a land full of bliss and happiness with no place for the misfortunes that ordinary men and women suffer in their daily lives.

With the wind gently stroking my hair I went to the educational institution of which I once was a proud member, but as all the wise men of history have taught nothing lasts forever and everything will meet its end. However, I met many honourable people that I am glad to be able to call my acquaintances and we exchanged words of greeting before indulging in deep conversation on topics fundamental to the very inner nature of the human experience. I was honoured to receive an invitation to see one of the highest expressions of culture, namely dance. After humbly praising the dancers’ many virtues they threw candy at me.

I had the opportunity to go to the former capital and experience some of the most beautiful and noblest traditions ever created by mankind. It was with great sorrow that I left the mountain city of ancients and immortals, a place where saints reside and no evil survives.

I visited many places worthy of praise and before I knew it the New Year’s celebrations had started and I visited the temple to welcome the year that was to come. Even after that I attended many events at several places but I am afraid that I will have to leave you here, and thus when my words are no longer able to reach you the reader I leave you with some of most extraordinary pictures of this time enabling you to get a deeper understanding of what occurred during these two weeks in an eastern land with so much to offer.