“Oh, thy mighty ocean”, I cried while gazing over the endless sea. “Give way, since I will cross thee come what may, and you can’t but surrender, since victory is my destiny, and glory is my name.” The ocean roared an agonizing cry of defeat and then I crossed her. This is the story of my one week trip to Lynnwood.

I first sat foot on American soil a sunny day a little more than one month ago. I was met by my dear friends and we went o the university where we were met by ecstatic crowds saluting our arrival. I so wished that we could have spent more time with those people but time was not our ally that day and we had to reach Lynnwood before nightfall. When we finally arrived in Lynnwoodian territory we were met by a middle aged man. He wore very fine clothing and had an extraordinary posture indeed. He showed me to my room at the hotel where we discussed what was to come and he gave me the necessary information I needed to prepare myself. At this moment it was getting pretty late so we called it a day and I ordered my driver to give the man a ride home.

The next day I rose before the sun, looked at the day’s plans and made some necessary changes. If it is one thing that I have learned in life is that you never execute your plans in their original form since a large part of a man’s credibility lays in his unpredictability. After running through the plans a last time I met with my companions and we went to one of Lynnwood’s suburbs named Seattle. We went to the Chinese part of town which I think was rather amusing for all of us. In a time of grave importance there is not much time for leisure and thus we went to a hotel to take part in an urgent discussion with the British delegation. The outcome of the meeting were far from satisfactory which led to our early departure. This time we went by boat to Kingston but there were not much left for us to see and thus we returned to Lynnwood.

This account of what happened in Lynnwood is nothing but the truth, but only a part of it. There is not enough time to retell the complete story of my adventures and thus there are events which I will regretfully have to omit.