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Gopher and Stuff

Random Posted on Sun, February 23, 2020 23:48:54

Some time ago my blog was forcefully turned into a WordPress site. I have no idea if WordPress is good or not but when my blog was just turned into a WordPress site it made it pretty terrible. Everything is just more complicated and there are some things that I don’t even know if I can access anymore.

Anyway, I recently dug myself a gopher hole where I won’t have any of these problems because I do anything in the terminal and I run anything so no-one will turn my hole into anything except I.

If you wish to visit my gopher hole you can do so at gopher:// If your browser can’t access gopher I recommend Lynx but there are other ways if you prefer to use Firefox or something else.

I think that this whole WordPress thing is really annoying and I wish that they could just return my page to the previous style since there was nothing wrong with it.

More Bob

Random Posted on Tue, April 22, 2014 21:20:06

I just ordered the second book about the great cat Bob. The first book gets five turtles out of five and the title “The Greatest ‘Cat-Book’ Ever Written.”

It’s a book that everyone should read. If it’s not available in any language you know then you should learn a new language. This book is reason enough.

You should also donate. My Bitcoin address is in the “About Me”-field on the right side of this post. I want to keep Golden Turtle ad-free, but the only way that’s possible is with the community’s support.


Random Posted on Mon, April 07, 2014 19:50:46

I upgraded my Vimeo membership to a Vimeo Plus membership a few days ago. I will upload videos sometimes. The reason I chose Vimeo instead of YouTube is that Vimeo is more awesome (I don’t feel like writing a detailed explanation now).

I’ve uploaded an old short documentary I’ve made. Please share, like, comment, follow and donate bitcoins.


Random Posted on Wed, January 29, 2014 21:36:14

I now accept donations in Bitcoin so if you have some money and want to support me for some reason, here is my Bitcoin address: 1MBAbM6f6RrnuqjTXJpQjP3EvXcQ7TLdAp


Random Posted on Fri, January 03, 2014 16:17:02

I’ve found an interesting feature in my Walkman. It’s feature that decides music for you which is appropriate for the situation.

I don’t know is this is all the categories but it’s all the categories that fitted with my music.
Sofa Lounge

I just have to decide on of the categories above and he Walkman plays music. I have so much music so it took a long time for the Walkman to scan through everything and put it in categories.

I’ll update about the trip to Tokyo Dome City later when I have all the pictures and videos (it doesn’t mean that I will post all pictures and videos).

Kg vs Pound

Random Posted on Wed, January 01, 2014 19:49:48

I found this video about the kg interesting. The kg is based on a piece of metal. The pound is based on the kg.


Random Posted on Wed, January 01, 2014 15:14:17

I’ve been using Gnome Classic for the most of the time but a few weeks ago I got tired of it and wanted something new. I tried Xfce but it didn’t take long until I switched again, this time to Unity. The reason I switched from Xfce was that I messed it up so bad that I didn’t bother to get it right again.

When I switched to Unity I really liked that it was simple and had all the necessary features, but I really hated the layout. An other minus is that people may think that I’m using Ubuntu.

I want to try Gnome Shell but for some reason I’m not able to so yesterday I decided to try KDE. KDE is the opposite of simple and it’s really a pain to get all the features you want. It has a lot of awesome features though, and the DE as a whole is really awesome so I think I’ll stick with this until I get tired of it.

John Lennon’s Birthday

Random Posted on Wed, October 09, 2013 22:08:12

John Lennon is now 73 years old! 😀//